Our Values

At Moor Elite Project, our dedication revolves around fundamental values that define our ethos and guide our mission to make a meaningful impact in the lives of children facing challenges.

1. People Matter
We believe that every child and young individual is unique and valuable. Each individual is cherished, respected, and understood. We are committed to providing unwavering support and care to nurture their potential and well-being.

2. Being Heard
We advocate for children and young individuals. Listening and understanding are at the core of what we do. We ensure that they are seen and heard, creating a platform for them to express themselves and feel validated.

3. Consistency
Consistency is vital in our approach. We strive to maintain steadfastness in our support, interventions, and services. Through consistent care and guidance, we help children and  young individuals navigate challenges and create positive, lasting changes.

4. Kindness
Kindness forms the cornerstone of our interactions. We foster a compassionate and empathetic environment where children and young individuals feel safe, supported, and encouraged. Through kindness, we build trust and forge meaningful connections.


Azi Azonga, Founder & Director

Hello, I'm Azi, the proud Founder & Director of Moor Elite Project. My personal journey has been shaped by experiences that fuel my passion for empowering young individuals. Growing up, I've encountered firsthand the challenges many face while navigating the complexities of youth. These experiences have inspired me to establish Moor Elite, my story is rooted in the struggle of growing up without a father figure, facing adversity, and ultimately finding my purpose through mentorship and guidance. Raised by a resilient single mother alongside my siblings, my life took a significant turn when my father left us when I was just nine years old. The absence of a paternal figure left a void that impacted me profoundly, igniting a storm of confusion, anger, and unchecked emotions within me. It was a turbulent time, and I was veering dangerously close to a path filled with recklessness and poor decisions.

My behaviour spiralled, leading to disruptive conduct in school, resulting in fights, and continuously being excluded. At that time, I couldn't comprehend the root cause of my actions, but looking back, I realised the deep-seated anger stemmed from the abandonment I experienced as a child. Everything changed when a pivotal moment occurred during my college years. A compassionate and insightful teacher named Ade took notice of my downward spiral and intervened. She saw potential in me and challenged me to confront the realities I was facing. Ade, a Black woman herself, emphasised the importance of working harder in a world where odds were often stacked against us. Her guidance was a turning point, a catalyst for change. With her mentorship, I redirected my focus, realising the significance of education and hard work. I completed college successfully and furthered my studies at university, defying the odds stacked against me. The impact of Ade's mentorship shaped my academic journey, my perspective on life, and the power of positive role models.

As I ventured into the professional world, I worked within multiple youth justice services and various educational sectors . Here, I witnessed firsthand the consequences of poor choices and the absence of positive influences in the lives of vulnerable children and young individuals. Reflecting on my own experiences, I recognised the pivotal role of mentors and positive role models in redirecting one's trajectory. This realisation led me to found Moor Elite Project—a brand dedicated to providing mentorship, guidance, and positive role models for children facing similar challenges. I aim to bridge the gap and offer support, just as Ade did for me, ensuring every young individual has the guidance and support needed to navigate life's challenges and carve a path toward a brighter future. Through Moor Elite, I aim to empower and inspire, making a meaningful difference in the lives of young individuals, just as Ade did in mine.