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Our Mentoring Service is tailored to provide personalised guidance for individuals aged 8 to 21. Our approach encompasses impactful 1:1 sessions, dynamic group workshops, home visits, and assemblies, ensuring we deeply understand and empathise with the challenges young individuals face in their transition to adulthood. Our specialised mentorship sessions cover pivotal topics such as the School-to-Prison Pipeline, Healthy Relationships & Consent, and Career Guidance. These sessions offer practical insights, empowering young minds to make informed decisions and fostering confidence and resilience. For parents, professionals, and teachers seeking impactful mentorship programmes, our services offer comprehensive support. 




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School to Prison Pipeline

School to Prison Pipeline

Welcome to our workshop focusing on the critical issue of the school-to-prison pipeline, where we  dissect the various components leading young individuals towards the criminal justice system.

In this session, we unravel the complex factors that contribute to a disruptive educational journey, from being removed from class or school, getting detention, to eventually finding oneself in a pupil referral unit (PRU), facing a heightened risk of entering the criminal justice system due to a lack of education and negative peer associations.

Our workshop emphasizes the significance of identifying these signs and seeking support. We empower attendees with insights into recognizing early indicators, highlighting the importance of remaining in education, and fostering positive peer relationships.

For parents, professionals, and teachers seeking impactful insights and strategies to address the school-to-prison pipeline phenomenon, our workshop is designed to make a tangible difference. Join us in understanding and addressing this critical issue to create a supportive environment that guides young individuals toward a more positive future.

Contact us now to secure our workshop on the school-to-prison pipeline. Let's work together in preventing this cycle and nurturing an environment that fosters education and positive pathways for our youth.

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Healthy Relationships & Consent

Healthy Relationships & Consent

Welcome to our workshop on Healthy Relationships and Consent, a comprehensive session that delves into the critical aspects of fostering positive relationships.

In this workshop, we navigate the components that contribute to healthy relationships while examining the tell-tale signs of unhealthy ones. We empower young individuals by providing insights on recognizing these signs and seeking support when needed.

Central to our workshop is the exploration of consent – its definition, significance, and empowerment. We equip young individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and assert their rights in relationships.

For parents, professionals, and teachers seeking impactful workshops on healthy relationships and consent for young individuals, this session is designed to make a meaningful difference. Join us in empowering youth to navigate relationships with understanding, respect, and confidence.

Contact us now to secure our workshop on Healthy Relationships and Consent. Let's collaborate in creating a safer and more respectful environment for our youth.

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Career Guidance

Career Guidance

Welcome to our comprehensive workshop on career guidance, designed to explore the diverse avenues and passions that young individuals may have for their future.

In this workshop, we delve into various career paths and personal passions, empowering young individuals to recognize and pursue their interests. We offer support with practical aspects such as crafting CVs, personal statements, job applications, interview preparation, developing leadership skills, and fostering confidence.

Our aim is to guide and assist in the journey toward higher education, whether it's applying for college or university, ensuring that every individual possesses an 'ELITE' mindset, equipped for success.

For parents, professionals, and teachers seeking impactful career guidance for young individuals, our workshop offers invaluable support. Join us in empowering youth to explore their potential and build a path towards a fulfilling career.

Contact us now to secure a spot in our career guidance workshop. Let's collaborate in shaping a future where every young person is inspired, equipped, and confident in pursuing their aspirations.

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